Monday, 25 April 2016

Does your business need a website?

You find yourself at a crossroads at the moment... You find yourself with a business and you are starting to do quite well, your business is growing (or not) and you want to reach more people.

There are two ways you are go about this:

You can start by making lots and lots of fliers and get someone to distribute them in the area that you operate in, and yes you might get a few phones and yes you might get some more new business.

Or you can go online... You could get yourself a website and yes you could get some new business, the problem is you have looked around and getting a website can be expensive...

Coming back to the crossroads that you find yourself in, do you go left or do you go right? Oh so you decided that you would go from option number 3, you went online and started google (yes you used the internet) found a blog called "Does your business need a website?". Says it all really doesn't it? With 90% of all searches happen online don't you think that your business needs to be online? Ok so that brings as back down to the cost...

Yes there are some web design agencies out there that would charge you an arm and a leg to design you the website of your dreams. There are also web design companies out there that are very well prices that offers amazing services for a faction of the price. 

But if they charge that much less then they can't be that good can they?

You need to have a look at their portfolio that way you can see the work they have done and then judge from yourself to see if the work they have done in the past is good enough for your business, remember it's all about what you want at the end of the day. You have to be proud of your new companies website as this usually means that you have decided to take the next step in your businesses long term future. You have decided that you want to grow, you want a wider reach. 

So to answer your question... Yes your business needs a website and no it doesn't have to be costly. We always finding ourselves using IDS Web Design has we find that they are one of the best Web Development companies out there. Yes they are based in South Africa but that works out in your flavor as South Africans exchange rate is so poor at the moment. Where we normally pay thousands of dollars getting our website developed in the USA, we find that we have almost slashed that price in half!!

Saving money from the start is always a good thing... 


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