Thursday, 3 March 2016

Rank Tracking

What is Rank Tracking?

In the world of online marketing you have to be able to track your keywords. Keywords are the search terms that a users will input into a search engine in the hope of finding your website. (In other articles we will discuss this in more details)

Coming back to Rank Tracking  for now though. Rank tracking is the process of tracking your keywords and seeing how they feature in search engines. Being on page one is the goal of anyone with a website, but being in position number one on page one that is the main objective!

Being able to track your keywords is one of the most important functions in the world of SEO. There are a couple of really good free software out there that you can use like Google Analytic . The only problem with free software (even when it comes from a search engine itself) is that it's limited in what you can do with it... Going for a paid SEO Tools program like Genius SEO Tools, opens up more doors for you. instead of going to 8 different website to use all their free SEO Tools, you can just go to one platform that offers you everything from:

  • DIY SEO Tools Checklist
  • Keyword research tool
  • Internal link optimization
  • Ranking tracking
  • Competitors backlink spy
  • Backlink quality check
  • Competitors metrics
  • Web analytics
  • Content submission
  • Toxic links
  • and so much more!!
We will go into more details of the rest of the features at another time. But for now if you aren't tracking your keywords with Rank Tracking software you really won't be found on the internet.

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